Know How Easy Is To Earn From

Shortearn is a free tool that helps shortens the link which you can share and for every visit through the
shortened link you earn money. Very easy and simple no fuss no hassle. But how to get started? Just 4
easy steps.

1. Created an account with Shortearn.
The first thing you have to do is to sign up with and create an account.
All you need to do is go to and sign up, you just require an email id for starters,
create a username and a password and you will be a registered member. After signing up you
can edit your profile and put your details as you like and get started.

2. Shorten your link:
The website helps you shorten URL links, it actually has two benefits when you do it through firstly the shortened link is much easier to share as compared to the original link.
Secondly, with each and every visit through a new link, you earn money.

3. Share:
Use the new generated shortened link from to share your content on your social
media accounts, to your friends, family, customers, or audience. The content could be anything,
a blog, vlog, Instagram/Facebook post, Youtube video, or your website.

4. Earn money:
After sharing the link, each click on the link or to say each visit or view of your content through
the link will be accounted for and will earn money which will be reflected on your
the account which you could withdraw without much hassle. Enter your account details and choose
the method of withdrawal and withdraw the money you’ve earned from the account.
That’s not all that has to offer. There is one more way to earn a little extra money. It’s
called the referral bonus. Again it's simple, the website will provide you with a referral URL through
which you can refer the website to your friends, family colleagues, etc, and help them register and earn
through and you could earn 30% of their earnings through the website. Isn’t that great? Above
all the website pays and is one of the best of its kind.

Published on: 11/24/20, 4:01 AM